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 Following an episode of Fox’s 24 that featured Jack Bauer shooting down a helicopter armed only with a hand gun, the show’s producers faced criticism from fans and TV critics alike that this action was probably pushing the boundaries of plausibility of the popular action hero’s capabilities.

“Ok, I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible to shoot down a helicopter with a handgun,” 24 fan Chuck Hankman informed the world on his blog, “But the helicopter dude was showering the area with bullets from a giant machine gun. There’s no way Jack could have had time to get a clear and accurate shot without being ripped to pieces.”

The shows producers released a statement saying that the fan’s criticism of them was entirely unjustified. They explained that if they thought they knew what Jack Bauer was capable of from just watching the first 4 and a half seasons they were wrong, what he had done in the past was only a fraction of what they were going to see in the next 14, most explosive, most exciting, most fast paced, most shocking, most critical, biggest, most explosive and most explosive episodes of 24 ever broadcast.

“Jack shooting down the helicopter was just a warm up to whet everyone’s appetites!” Official Fox Spokesperson Keith Wilson explained, “I mean, what protection does a mortal helicopter have against Jack Bauer? I’m fairly certain that a helicopter would be killed by a nuclear bomb, Jack wasn’t though. In fact, he’s survived two.”


24 Season 6

November 28, 2006

24 season 6

 Towards the end of the fourth season, with authorization from the White House, Jack Bauer invaded the Los Angeles Chinese consulate. As a result of this raid, the Chinese consul was accidentally killed by an embassy guard. CTU field agent Howard Bern, who was involved in the raid, was identified by the Chinese when his ski mask was accidentally removed and he was thereafter illegally taken in for questioning, where he was told that he would be put on a slow boat to China before being transferred to a maximum security prison on the Chinese / Siberian border. The United States government and his family would not be notified, he would have no chance of escape. He eventually broke and told the Chinese that the man that led the raid was Jack Bauer. The Chinese contacted the American Government and demanded that the US government hand Bauer over so that he could be placed in a Chinese prison camp, where he would spend the rest of his life. Rather than risk confrontation with China, the White House ordered Jack to turn himself in to the Chinese government. However, Walt Cummings ordered the Secret Service agent sent to arrest Jack to instead execute him, thus preventing the Chinese from interrogating an influential figure of US Intelligence. Jack was warned of this by David Palmer and faked his own death. At the end of the fifth season, after having spent the intervening eighteen months in hiding, Jack was captured by the Chinese and was last seen imprisoned on a Shanghai registered container ship. Jack’s girlfriend Audrey Raines notices his disappearance and reports it to CTU.President Charles Logan has been arrested by federal marshals on the orders of the Attorney General and Vice President Hal Gardner due to a recorded confession in which Logan admitted to his wife, Martha, his involvement with a conspiracy to sell nerve gas to terrorists. Logan will either resign or face impeachment and most likely criminal charges.


November 25, 2006


SWAT Teams may be confronted with a situation where a suspect is hiding or barricading themselves within a building and a dynamic and quick entry may jeopardize the safety of officers, the suspect, and innocent parties.

In situations such as these, a slow and deliberate entry/search would be employed. This requires a team to move slowly and quietly through a building, entering and stealthily clearing each room until the suspect is located, at which point negotiations can start, the suspect can be called out, or a dynamic entry can be employed to surprise and take the suspect into custody. However, slow and deliberate entries are very time consuming and still place human officers at risk as they enter and clear rooms in an attempt to locate a hiding suspect using only their sense of sight. This is where the use of a well trained canine comes into play.

Police canines use all of their senses to locate their quarry. The most powerful sense they use is their nose, which is thousands of times more sensitive than a human’s. The next most powerful sense a dog possesses is their hearing, which far exceeds human capabilities. And lastly, dogs use their eyesight to help them in confirming what their eyes and ears have told them-there’s a person hiding in the immediate vicinity. Canine searches can be completed much quicker than human searches, regardless of lighting and environmental conditions, and greatly reduce the risk to human officers.

A good SWAT dog is a proven patrol dog that is quiet and very driven, highly interested in searching for people. The canine must be sociable and comfortable working around other SWAT Team members and in close quarters and tight spaces. Of tremendous importance, is that the dog is very obedient and will obey a handlers commands without hesitation and from a distance. Conversely, SWAT Team members must be comfortable around the dog and be confident in its abilities and trust the handler to set limitations as to what the dog can do.


Real CTU

November 24, 2006


As Britain’s secret service, SIS provides the British Government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdom.

SIS operates world-wide to collect secret foreign intelligence in support of the British Government’s policies and objectives.

Regional instability, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and illegal narcotics are among the major challenges of the 21st century. SIS assists the government to meet these challenges. To do this effectively SIS must protect the secrets of its sources and methods. This factor is reflected in our website.



November 24, 2006


Welcome to a new site dedicated to the show “24” – we’ll soon be featuring news, reviews and articles on the past 5 seasons and information on the real war on terror.  If you want to write an article send it along to sean@the-beat.co.uk – write CTU in the subject header…